What is ij.start.cannon?

ij.start.cannon is official manual link to get the steps for setting up and troubleshoot your printer. With Selecting your model you can download Driver and Canon software to connect your printer device. Follow all below steps to get your printer ready.

Complete Setup guide for canon printer from ij.start.cannon

To Setup Canon printer after purchase , following step by step process is required to use it. Below all process from unboxing, hardware setup, filling up ink, installing and connecting your new printer. while setting up printer if you face any issue you can contact support team.

Unbox and Setup Canon Printer hardware

Canon printer comes in a closed box with supportive locked stickers which holds its parts in box. With lamost all model whether inkk jet or laser it comes with additional cartige of color. Also if required you can purchase additional cartige from https://ij.start.cannon. Let's unbox it.

  1. Open box and pull out the Printer with all cable, connecttors and inkk bottles
  2. Remove Strips from Printer top cover, Scanner head, Out Tray
  3. Put Power Cable in the back slot of printer and other in Electricity switch. Though plug comes as per the country norms, but if your printer plus is different you can use adoptor.
  4. Now Swith on the printer, when power light glows as yellow, its time to put inkk in inkk tanks
  5. In Color printer it comes with four color, Yellow, Red, Blue and Black
  6. Black Tank is left corner seperate tank, All other three tanks are at right side of printer. Color marks are already mentioned.
  7. Open Top cover gently and then fill color as mentioned.
  8. Now Close Put back top cover , you will hear a noise of printhead, as it start warming up. it will automatically install its self and take color
  9. Put some paper in paper input tray
  10. Printer will automatically start printing some testing page.
  11. Now , next is to download Printer driver from ij.start.cannon in your device and setup for printing and scanning.

Download printer driver by chossing model number from ij.start.cannon

  1. Switch on your computer device and connect it with internet using wifi or hotspot. its better you can connect with wifi as driver will be downloaded fast on wifi network
  2. Open any web browser Chrome, Edge, Safari or firefox. Recommeded google chrome.
  3. Thorugh you can search Canon Printer Drivers or specific model such as G3000, TR3630 et however its easy to go directly on ij.start.cannon.
  4. Now, you will see thee options on the Setup Page, Setup up ( Start Here), Read Online Manual, Recommended Functions, FAQ.Click on Setup Here
  5. Here you will see a search box, where you need to search Printer Model number. Check out your Printer Box, Printer Model is written on Top of the Box.Note it down and Enter Model number in Search box.Now Click Go.
  6. If you don't know the printer model number, you can follow the process given in image.
  7. You will see a Download File Page. Select the Operating System type Windows or Mac. Now Click on Download Printer Driver
  8. Wait For some time to complete the download process, do not switch Operating system on download Page as it may interrupt process from ij.start.cannon.
  9. After completion of download process your driver file is downloaded in Download folder.
  10. Now, before starting installation you need to connect your printer with your device.

Connect your printer with computer device

To install you printer driver in computer device it should be connect with your printer. Driver will verify your printer model before installation. Now to Connect Printer, there are two options.

Connect Your Printer using Wifi

Most of recent Canon Printer Model has this feature of connecting it wireliss. To Connect it Press Start Button for few Second till the Blue light start blicking. Now the Wireless mode is on of Printer. Switch on your Computer device Wireless Mode and Scan the device for connection. You will find Canaon printer with Model number. Click on connect. After Connection , Printer Blu light will stop blinking

Connect your printer through USB Port

Connecting your Canon printer using USB port is the easiest way. While unboxing you received a USB cable. Insert this USB cable in printer Port and other in USB port of Computer. Computer will automatically detect the new device and when you press Ctrl+P, it will show your printer device in list.

Easy way to Install Canon Printer driver

Now as your have downloaded printer driver from ij.start.cannon and connected your printer with your computer device, lets install it.

  1. Type "Downloads" in Search of your task bar
  2. Click on the Folder "Downloads"
  3. Locate downloaded printer driver file, if you are not able to identify, which file is Canon printer driver. Click right and then select "Sort by" and then "Date Modify" option.
  4. You will see latest downloaded file which is having file type .exe
  5. Double click on the file to run and start installation process.You will see canon driver installation window.
  6. Select the language and Country and click Install
  7. Printer Detection window will open. you will see your printer name, if you will see that check your wireless connection or USB port connection.
  8. Select your printer and click on Next. You will get multiple options for installation such as Canon Scanner, Document Manual, Auto setting, Easy web Print. Check the boxes to get all these software which you may require in future.Click Next
  9. License and Agreement windows will appear, Read the license and Agreement, check the box and click Next. Now Click on Start Instllation. After Completetion of installation click Finish

How to do Photo Copy, Printing and Scanning using Canon Printer

Now , You must be eger to know how to take out of your first Print or Photo copy of Document or Scan of Document. Complete guide with all steps are avaiable on Canon Printer Manual comes with Printer or online from ij.start.cannon. Here are Some Steps as Quick Guide.

  1. After installation of Canon Printer Driver, you will see a Canon Quick Menu Tab on right corner of your Computer Device.Click on that
  2. You will find all below Option shown in Picture
  3. To make a Photo Copy, Open Top Cover of the Printer and put Paper of which you make a photo copy, Put Papers feed tray and Press "Black" Button. Photo Copy will be done
  4. To Do scanning, Open top cover, Put Paper which you need to Scan, Feed Paper in Feed tray, Sclick on Document Scan from the Canon Quick Menu Option. Your document will be Scanned. it will be by default saved in Documents folder
  5. To Make a Print, Select the file in your Computer device, Press Ctrl+P, Printer wizard will be open. you will see your printer Name and the Status "Ready" Below that. Select desires setting such as Print All Pages, One side or Both side, Color or black and Gray, and Press Print. Collect Your Print out from Out Tray.

Common Printer Driver Instllation and Printing Issue

Yoy May face some common error for instllation or after installation of Printer driver

Error in Installation

Error while installation caused due to some common mistakes

  • Searched wrong Model number on ij.start.cannon. Go to ij.start.cannon and search Correct model number and download the driver
  • Your Firwall is preventing the installation
  • Some Antivirus may block the driver installation
  • Your Computer device is not connected properly with Printer

Not Printing in Black

If your Printer is not printing Black below are possible reasons.

  • Printerhead is clogged with over inkk. Go to ij.start.cannon or click on Canon Quick Menu and Select troubleshoot. You will get steps to cleanup the printer head
  • By default setting Printing is on color, Go to setting and make is black and Grey
  • For more information go to ij.start.cannon and search the issue to get FAQ

No Paper Error

Even after putting paper in the feed tray if you are getting No paper error then it could be due to below reason:

  • Paper is jammed and stucked in the print roller
  • Papers are not properly inserted in feed tray
  • The size of paper and papersetting mismatch
  • Obstacle in Input Tray
For a normal issue just restart your printer, it will resolve the issue of go to ij.start.cannon and search the exact problem. You can also search issues on google over stackover.